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Bit of a work in progress, bear with – we’ll get stuff up as quick as we have time spare 😉

This site will contain all the official quiddity bits and bobs. For more informal chatter, pop along to our Facebook site over here


quiddity have been described as ‘Underworld and Fluke have a Warpy face-off’. And they are very pleased with that.

quiddity are a duo from the UK making electronic music. Graham & Dan have been making music together and apart since the late 80s. Starting off in indie tinged guitar groups, through dalliances with other bands they started making electronic music as Aztechnology in the mid 90s. This period produced live improv gigs and a demo, but life conspired to get in the way and the project had to be put on hold. Somehow they ended up two 40 somethings dreaming of being 20 somethings, but a steady trickle of music created hundreds of miles apart has started to flow stronger and, older and wiser, they’ve decided to ignore life and get on with what they enjoy.

quiddity are an electronica band at heart, but cover a range of styles within that broad church. From early massive bass driven thumpers like ‘Nix Dogma’ (which is to be used in an upcoming VR blaster, Polybius, on the Playstation from Llamasoft), through to the more recent ambient tinged chill of ‘Float’.

Their current crop of releases  – 3 EPs in as many months – shows a maturing of the tunes, and they are about to start work on their third album. When the chaps started quiddity, the idea was that it could grow into more of a collective. There have been some interesting collaborations – most notable of which are some videos produced by Eyeless in Gaza’s Elizabeth S. – and the current thinking is that collaborations will form the basis of the new album. Over time, some interesting people have expressed a desire to work with quiddity, and we look forward to making some announcements around this as we firm up plans around the release.


quiddity can be found on all the major stores/streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play – amongst many others…

If you want to support us, we’d prefer you to use our bandcamp site. Its better value, we get a little bit more – and there’s a merch store as well! You can find it here – quiddity.bandcamp.com

Our latest release is the Lost Exits EP:

Previous Releases:


As well as our own adventures in video, we’ve been lucky enough for a few very talented folk to like our stuff enough to make some cracking videos for it. We’ll collect them on our YouTube channel where possible, but pop them here as well…

Float – video by Elizabeth S.

Float – video by keaseyman

Drift – video by Elizabeth S.

Stand Down David – video by gribbles

sunray – video by Daz Disley

Bright Cadenza – video by Kosmischeboy


There are no current live dates.

We are planning to do a few things in 2017, so keep an eye out for news.