Released: July 2013


Following Broadening, lots of demos were written. Snippets of tunes, odds and sods.  Life was generally getting in the way of doing anything significant – as it has a habit of doing.

aethersongs came about when Dan grabbed a few Kosmisceboy tracks and popped them against the quiddity stuff to get something out, and unblock to pipeline. As it were.

As Dan said at the time: “‘æthersongs’ is literally a compilation of ‘other’ songs that we have had hanging around in the virtual æther of our internet storage for the last few years.

Since the release of ‘Broadening’ we’ve constantly been working on new material as Quiddity and I (as kosmischeboy) have been working on my new album ‘Kollectiv’, some of the songs became blurred, neither Kosmischeboy or Quiddity but something else entirely.

We’ve decided to compile these tracks for you here so that they can be heard finally.”